Wed. Apr 1st, 2020

Cars below 4lakh on road.

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Owning a car is one of the most prominent need for all of us. When we have a car, the transportation becomes much easier. When we have a big family or even a nuclear family of four or five, in that case too the presence of car has become mandatory for all the families. Buying a great car at a cheap price is not that difficult these days. We get cars which have all the good and the required facilities at a reasonable price. The price range of the cars that people look out for these days is usually 4 lakh or below and there are some cars which have good features too.

The automobile manufacturers have realized that the trick of producing cheap cars with all the good features and facilities actually works. When we buy a car we look for features like good mileage, good amount of space in car, additional facilities in the car and its capacity. Then we decide about the colour of the car. Apparently 8 new models of cars have been launched in the market which have been impressing the customers a lot with their best features. Maruti has been one of the best sellers of the low priced cars. Some of the best cars sold under 4 lakhs which are sold by Maruti are Maruti Alto and Maruti S-Presso. Maruti Alto costs around Rs. 2, 98,689 and Maruti S-Presso costs around Rs. 3, 69,000. Maruti Alto gives you mileage of 22.05kmpl. Also they had celebrated their 38lakhs of sales over 15 years which has been one of the biggest achievement for the automobile company. The car provides you with top accessories and also carries a good style. It has a good electric power which makes it a good beast to ride on the road.

The cheap cars with best features is the new trend these days. It’s not only about the price but considering the present day’s traffic, people prefer buying small cars so as to avoid congestion on the road so that everything can be smooth.

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