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There are few if anything more important in your car than your steering wheel. If that piece of equipment doesn’t work well for you, you can be in real trouble. In spite of this, stock steering wheels aren’t very user-friendly. They can be hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and difficult to grip. That’s why steering wheel covers are one of the more popular accessories you can buy for your car.

Steering wheel covers can eliminate these problems giving you a means to control your car that is safe and weather proof. Since they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, many people also use cute steering wheel covers as a way to personalize their cars.

If you’re in the market, keep reading. We’ll go into the details you need to find and install the best steering wheel cover. Then, we’ll review a few models that we think are worth a second look.

This is branded as a luxury model steering wheel cover. It’s clearly thoughtfully designed, durable, and has a great fit. Once you put it on, this cover is not going anywhere. You have your choice of colors and sizes here, so no matter what you drive, this option is available for you.

We really like the grip on this one. The company calls it a dragon scale grip. Whatever it is, you won’t lose hold while steering. So, we think it’s good for performance vehicles.

Now the downside. In spite of the branding, this is not a high end cover. It’s pretty basic. There’s also little to no protection here from hot or cold temperatures.

This is a steering wheel cover that is made for drivers on a budget. It’s inexpensive while still being quite comfortable to use. The imitation leather material is soft and supple. This is an easy one to install. It also comes in several different colors, and has decorative elements.

This is going to be a long-lasting cover, considering it’s low price tag. It’s also padded, and has a decent grip. The stitching is well-done, especially considering it is mass-produced.

The bad news is that many of us who looked at this model just didn’t like it. It’s a bit loud, and likely to appeal to a very narrow range of tastes.

The Apzona cover comes in a variety of colors, but there’s a familiar look and feel to all of them. It has a sporty, textured grip that reminds us of something that you would see on a race car. This one of a kind steering wheel cover is guaranteed to give you a sure grip. At the same time, it’s soft. The size range is limited though, as it only fits wheels up to 15 inches

If you are sensitive to smells, here’s one for you. This is an odorless steering wheel cover. It installs surprisingly easily. Normally when this is the case, you get an ill-fitting cover. That’s not true in this case. We were impressed with the snug fit. This one also comes in several different colors. If coordinating is your thing, you will find just the right cover here. You can also fit this cover on many different steering wheels as it has a full inch in size variance.

This model is also great for various temperatures. Neither heat nor air conditioning seem to impact it very much. The material is breathable and soft.

Now the cons. This cover is odorless because it has an air freshener that comes attached to it. For most people that’s not an issue, but could be problematic if you’re looking for a truly odor neutral option. If you want, you can unclip the air freshener and just ditch it altogether.

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